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Marble for the interior
Individual turnkey projects made of marble, granite and semi-precious stones
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Welcome to the official website of the Russian representative office of the company Marmo.Progetti. We have been finding and carefully selecting the best samples of natural and semi-precious stone in quarries around the world since 2000.
We create individual interiors, including complex ones, according to the projects of designers, architects and private customers, meeting the strict requirements of Italian quality and world design trends.
All our products, including complex exclusive interiors with an abundance of details, are made according to individual projects in the workshops of the best marble factories in Europe, Brazil, Turkey, China, Armenia.
This guarantees you an excellent quality of finished interior and exterior details created on professional equipment by marblers

About us
More than 20 years of successful work with natural stone
We carry out personal control of each stage of the project from the factory to installation
Work experience
Premium service
Why designers, architects and private customers choose Marmo.Progetti
Our prices are from leading factories in Europe, China, Turkey and Brazil. We hold promotions and give bonuses
The warranty for all our works is provided for a period of 5 years
Nice prices and bonuses
Our advantages
We are recommended
Do you have a design project and need advice on its execution?
We will advise, calculate, and help you find a competent solution to your questions.

Are you a designer and you need calculations or measurements for the stone part of the project? We will do it for free! We will give expert advice on the use of marble!

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